About Us

Harmony is a nano roastery owned and operated by Ben Rowe, as part of his company Just Bru Ltd, co-owned by Livi Collins. 

Ben has experience working in almost every sector of the specialty coffee industry, most recently finishing his job as a coffee roaster for Kiss The Hippo, shortly before starting Harmony. Ben has a passion for barista competition, which he uses as a medium to extend his own knowledge and dedication to the craft. 

As of 2022, he has won 11 open competitions across various distinctions. He also placed 3rd in the UK Latte Art Championship in 2021 and at the time of writing is a Semi-Finalist in the UK Barista Championship, after winning his heat at Bristol in February 2022 against a strong field of highly talented contenders with a score of 214.5.

Harmony was born out of a desire to share great coffee with great people. It was a chance to build something that stays true to the values which we see as the most important pillars of the coffee world: Traceability, Quality, Ethics and Partnership. 

More than anything, we want Harmony to be a coffee company that you feel you can trust.