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Harmony Coffee Roaster


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Flavour Description: Silky, Orange, Caramel, Black Tea Finish

Producer: Rwamatamu
Country: Rwanda
Region: Kibuye
Variety: Red Bourbon
Importer: Omwani
Processing Method: Washed


Founded in 2015, Rwamatamu Coffee is a family-owned and operated business that aims to combat poverty by generating employment opportunities within the local community.

The estate spans 20 hectares of coffee farmland, where it grows its own crops and sources cherries from affiliated co-operatives, local producers, and smallholder farmers. After being meticulously processed, sun-dried, sorted, and packaged, these cherries are exported as a premium product.

Husband and wife duo, Rutaganda Gaston and Mukantwaza Laetitia, established Rwamatamu Coffee to support their family. Throughout their children's upbringing, they were actively involved in the estate's operations. Daughter Marie Bernice was especially engaged in tasks like facilitating negotiations, creating educational materials, and managing marketing documents.

As of 2023, Bernice and her husband Luke have continued building on the already strong foundations of Rwamatamu, taking over the operations of the estate as her parents retired. 

This is the third harvest in a row that we have worked with Bernice & Luke, and it's a joy to have these coffees on our offer list once again!