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Harmony Coffee Roaster

Nandi AA

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Use case: Best For Filter Coffee & Black Espresso Based Drinks

Flavour Description: Red Apple, Redcurrant, Maple Syrup, Black Tea

Producer: Sidney Kibet / Lot 20
Origin: Kenya
Region: Kericho
Variety: SL28 / SL34, Ruriru 11, Batian
Process: Washed
Importer: Omwani

About this Coffee

Lot 20 work with a group of coffee producers from Kericho and Bomet counties in the southern part of the Rift Valley in Kenya. They are passionate about farming and have goals to produce delicious coffee that showcases the beauty of their region.

Co-founder Sidney Kibet used to work in Rwanda, often running surveys of the coffee farmers there, who he soon became close with. In 2019, Sidney sold a container of Rwandan coffee to some friends in Amsterdam, an experience in coffee exporting that would soon come in handy when he decided to try exporting the coffee of his Kenyan friends. Sidney spends a lot of time visiting the farmers Lot 20 work with in order to maintain good relationships, as well as keeping up to date with each farmers situation and the state of their farm.

Lot 20 work with producers they know well, and are careful not to disrupt the system too much. They only buy a portion of the cherries produced by each farmer, and are understanding of the fact that farmers will want to sell to other businesses/exporters.

Sourcing transparently from Kenya can be a challenge on a good day and near impossible on a bad one, for reasons that are only obvious to any one who has tried buying transparently traded coffee from the country. Lot 20, however, is trying something new. They are from Kenya, their coffee is grown in Kenya, processed Kenya, exported by Kenyans. And Lot 20 has the receipts to prove it.

All Lot 20 coffees have limited releases since they are sourced from small micro-lots deemed to be exceptional examples of farming innovation that create unique flavour experiences.

Water is an essential element of coffee production, especially for the washed coffee Kenya is well known for pioneering and continuing to develop upon. A core value of Ainabtany and Lot 20 is to create water resources for both processing and community use within all their locations.

In Fort Tenan they have made great strides to harvest and conserve water from the local spring by bringing in workers to build and maintain a weir (a low damn that controls water levels) across the stream. This has increased the available volume of water to a few million litres, which is able to sustain operations at the mill and coffee nursery while also being easily accessible to the local community.

In Cheribo, Lot 20 have just gained a permit (after many months of government bureaucracy) to drill a well/borehole in to the earth for a new pulping operation, the development of which is ongoing.